Module 2 Protective Measures

Last updated: May 29, 2023

Learning Objectives

Welcome to Module 2: Protective Measures

    • It is crucial to know the basic principles and practices to stay safe during your work.
    • During Module 1, you learned how to identify occupational health hazards. Now, in Module 2, we will talk about adequate measures to control hazards you might encounter during your work.
    • You have to remember that adequate staff training on risks and hazards can minimize:
      • exposure to biological, chemical, and physical agents
      • musculoskeletal or other problems of your health you may suffer due to work

Upon completion of this Module, you should be able to:

    • Be familiar with methods that help minimize occupational risks and be aware what are recommended risk control methods
    • Use properly the personal protective equipment
    • Empower yourself with adequate personal hygiene principles and practices
    • Comprehend the importance of the protective measures as seen in case studies

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