The Project

MUC - Training for Health.

The aim of the project is to up-skill Municipal Urban Cleaners (MUCs) with enhanced access to health & safety competency training for improved quality of life and well-being. The project runs from November 2020 to August 2023.

MUCs, in general and especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, are considered front-line employees for municipalities in terms of exposure to health risks. The project aims at enhancing access to their training with additional qualifications for career development and improvement of their well-being. We want to empower MUCs to take pride in their work in keeping communities clean and safe for all. Our education e-program aims at developing high-quality occupational health and safety skills and competences among MUCs.

The project is funded under the “Enhancing access to training and qualifications for all” Erasmus+ initiative, with a particular attention to continuing Vocational Education Training (VET), notably by increasing quality, supply, and accessibility to VET, promoting work-place learning, supporting includes developing partnerships between micro, small and medium sized companies and VET providers aimed at providing initial and/or continuing training to their staff.

The Social Impact of the project:

  • Contribute to the specialized training received by MUC workers involved in urban waste cleaning, hence directly improving their quality of work.
  • Improve the quality of life and overall well-being of MUCs, as they will feel empowered to protect themselves from the risks of the job.
  • Improve job satisfaction and performance of MUC, that will have an indirect effect in the well-being of all citizens living in clean cities.


Address the Health & Safety training needs for the particularly vulnerable group of urban cleaners.

Enhance access to training and qualifications for urban cleaners who are considered front-line employees for municipalities covering basic needs, specifically in times of public health emergencies.

The adoption of innovative approaches and tools for training  and usage of digital technologies, while supplying high quality learning opportunities for adult education.



Implement country-specific literature and participatory research to understand the Health & Safety needs and challenges among Municipal Urban Cleaners (MUCs).


Develop the Methodological Framework that will guide the design and content of the training curriculum pf the e-program.


Create, develop, and evaluate an interactive e-learning platform for Occupational Health & Safety that will benefit MUCs.


Guidance for VET providers and academic institutions about implementing the knowledge gained through this project in courses related to occupational Health & Safety training of front-line MUCs and other workers.

Target groups.

Municipal Urban Cleaners (MUCs)

MUC Representatives

Municipality Cleaning Departments

Cleaning Services Organizations (SMEs)