European Symposium of the MUC-Training for Health project

Training of employees in the cleaning services of Municipalities

The European Symposium of the MUC – Training for Health program, organized by the Development and Tourism Promotion Agency of the Municipality of Athens (EATA) was successfully completed on Friday, September 29 at Serafio of the Municipality of Athens. During the event, Prolepsis Institute, partner of the project, presented the results of the research carried out within the framework of the project, which focused on occupational risks and threats to the health of employees in the cleaning services of Municipalities, underlining the importance of appropriate training. The innovative e-learning platform addressed to employees was also presented, including modules related to the identification of occupational risks, first aid, mental health of employees, advice on protection measures, etc. Participation was given to stakeholders from Greece and Europe both in person and online.  Greetings were addressed by the partners of the project, as well as representatives from the World Health Organization, the Directorate of Cleaning and Recycling of the Municipality of Athens, the president of the Hellenic Society of Occupational Medicine and Environment, etc. The speakers included occupational doctors from Greece and Europe who shared their own experience regarding the health of employees in municipal cleaning and waste management. Representatives of academic institutions and vocational training institutions also participated.

The MUC – Training for Health project is co-funded by the EU’s Erasmus+ programme. The project involves 3 municipalities and 3 organizations from 5 European countries. From Greece, the Development and Tourism Promotion Agency of the Municipality of Athens (project coordinator) and the Prolepsis Institute participate. Also participating are the Center for Social Innovation LTD (Cyprus), the Comune di Andrano (Italy), the Varna Economic Development Agency (Bulgaria).