Lesson 1 Introduction

  • Whereas in general it is your employer’s duty to assure you safe and healthy working conditions, it is profitable for you to know what types of risk factors you may encounter during performing your tasks at work and what health threats they may be related with.
  • Biological factors
  • Chemical factors
  • Dusts
  • Physical factors
    • Vibration
    • Noise
    • Electric current
    • Radiation (including ionizing radiation)
    • Microclimate (hot and cold)
  • Mechanical – Ergonomic factors
  • Psychosocial factors

Fig. 1. Different types of occupational risk factors

  • In the next sections you will find more details on each of the abovementioned hazards.
  • As a municipal urban cleaner you may be exposed to many of them.
  • In this unit we will discuss exposure to those hazards in occupational environment conditions.
  • They may occur also in other contexts but for the purposes of this training, please remember that we are talking about occupational exposure.