Lesson 1 Introduction

  • Exposure to occupational risk factors may obviously pose threat to your health. The threat that may remain only a certain level of risk of acquiring health deficit, or in unfavourable circumstances, may result in a real and visible harm to your organism.
  • There is probably a common misconception where accidents and injuries are understood similarly, and people consider them being the same thing. Whereas there is a difference between these two terms. In the next topic of this unit you will find exactly how they should be understood.
  • Additionally, you will learn a little about occupational diseases that you may suffer from being the result of your work as a cleaner while being exposed to specific risk factors.

Think about it:

Have you heard prior this course about occupational diseases and occupational accidents?

Take a moment and think for a while where you can look for information about them.

 Could it be national legislation? Official statistics? Do you know where to look for official statistics data?