Lesson 3 How to cultivate an environment of good leadership

Tips on making a decision

When making a major decision for a company (or a workplace in general), it can be tempting to choose the easiest or most cost-effective course of action, even if that option isn’t the best from an ethical standpoint. The PLUS model, a set of questions designed to help employers and employees make a decision from an ethical point of view, can help decision-makers confirm whether they do the right thing and take responsibility for it.

The PLUS model:

  • P = Policies and Procedures (Does this decision align with company policies?)
  • L = Legal (Does this decision violate any laws or regulations?)
  • U = Universal (Is this decision in line with core values and company culture? How does it relate to our organizational values?)
  • S = Self (Does it meet my standards of fairness and honesty?)

The PLUS model is especially objective, because it doesn’t focus on revenue or profit, but rather urges leaders to take a legal and fair approach to a problem.

Keep in mind

  • Decisions are a two-way street. You need to take into consideration what most people want, but also what’s best for the overall performance.