Scenario – case of an emergency

While you were cleaning the street, you accidentally got pricked by a used needle. What should you do?

Scenario - case of an emergency

If a used needle pierced or penetrated your skin wit, it is crucial to seek medical help immediately to lower your risk of infection. While you are going to visit your Occupational Health service, personal doctor, or a local accident and emergency department, you should:

  1. Allow the wound to bleed naturally, preferably by holding it under running water if possible.
  2. Wash the wound with plenty of soap and running water.
  3. Not scour the wound while washing it, and do not suck it.
  4. Apply hydrogen peroxide and an antiseptic on the clean wound
  5. Dry the wound and apply a waterproof plaster or dressing on it.
  6. Seek further medical care!

A MUC is accidentally pricked by a syringe needle while emptying a rubbish bin.