Lesson 10 Foot and leg protection

  • There are certain working environments in which use of protective equipment for your foot is necessary. Some examples include e.g. firemen or workers using chainsaws.
  • In general, protective footwear is designed to prevent injuries resulting from:
    • contact with falling, rolling or cutting objects;
    • penetration through soles or uppers (stepping on sharp and pointed elements);
    • anti-static and electrical hazards;
    • contact with chemicals and biological risk factors;
    • exposure to high or low temperature;
    • wet and slippery surfaces.
  • The footwear is manufactured in different categories:
    • Safety footwear
    • Protective footwear
    • Occupational footwear
    • Special application footwear
  • They differ with a level of protection given to the workers feet.

Think about it:

Which is your foot and leg protection?

Which hazards and risks it helps to minimize?