Lesson 2 What is Personal Protective Equipment?

  • According to the Council Directive 89/656/EEC of 30 November 1989 on the minimum health and safety requirements for the use by workers of personal protective equipment at the workplace, the personal protective equipment is “all equipment designed to be worn or held by the worker to protect him against one or more hazards likely to endanger his safety and health at work, and any addition or accessory designed to meet this objective”.
  • This is the “last resort” kind of measure, that should be used “when the risks cannot be avoided or sufficiently limited by technical means of collective protection or by measures, methods or procedures of work organization”.
  • be appropriate for the risks involved, without itself leading to any increased risk;
  • correspond to existing conditions at the workplace;
  • take account of ergonomic requirements and the worker’s state of health;
  • fit the wearer correctly after any necessary adjustment”.