Module 5 Mental Health

Last updated: May 30, 2023

Learning Objectives

Welcome to the Module 5: Mental health

This module offers the necessary knowledge and information about mental health so that users can better identify risks, practice self-care, and seek appropriate help for themselves or others. 

Raising awareness of the issue of mental health is particularly important in this context. The readers should be able to listen and respond better to themselves and others, to identify mental problems easier, take mental health issues seriously and to react appropriately.

Important core aspects of mental health are addressed, and knowledge is consolidated through various exercises within this module. In addition, users can use links to further explore the topic in more detail.

Exercises are provided for the individual units to help you strengthen your self-care and react preventively or supportively to emerging symptoms and risk factors.

This module should not be exclusively used to diagnose and treat any condition. Furthermore, the list of mental health conditions included in this module is not exhaustive. We simply provide a guide and awareness to some of the most well-known conditions. Always contact your doctor and seek professional support.