Lesson 3 Digital health literacy

The main difference between general health literacy and digital health literacy is the source of the information.

The internet is:

  • A source of valuable and helpful information.
  • However, many internet sources are biased and misleading
  • Know when you should search online for health-related information (seek) (e.g. searching online on the national healthcare system for symptoms of communicable diseases)
  • Identify sources of information online, using digital skills (find) (e.g. type symptoms and respiratory disease)
  • Comprehend what you read (understand).
  • Evaluate the credibility of the source (appraise) (government-approved institution vs a non-health professional).
  • Access credible online sources whenever you want
  • Easy and fast access to many credible sources
  • Opportunities to further educate yourself on health behaviours and disease management
  • Access digital health monitoring technologies, such as wearable devices or online monitoring tools
  • Access online consultation with health professionals
  • Navigate effectively through health-related apps
  • Be able to access healthcare services of high quality from remote or rural places