Lesson 4 Oral health

Brush your teeth at least twice a day and use floss (the first and last thing you will do in a day). Use enough toothpaste and a soft toothbrush. Ideally, it should be after eating a meal or drinking a sugary drink. Floss between every pair of teeth, reaching both ends near the gum.

Prefer fluoride-rich products and mouthwash! Most of the products related to teeth health are rich in fluoride. Fluoride in tap water is safe and there is no reason for you to avoid it.  As for mouth wash, it is an optional choice for cleaning your teeth after a meal. However, avoid using it after brushing.

How to maintain healthy teeth and gums

Limit sugar! Even though almost everybody knows sugar is bad for your health, you can find it in most food items. A sugary drink can lead not only to tooth decay but also to many non-communicable diseases. This doesn’t mean you should exclude sugar, but you should consume it with moderation. After eating sugar, it is best to brush your teeth.

Avoid smoking! What more can we say about smoking, other than it is harmful to you!

Visit your dentist regularly! A regular visit to a dentist, ideally once every year, is crucial for preventing and managing new or existing dental conditions.

You might say that going to the dentist is not cheap. Well, here’s the truth: going to the dentist once a year can save you many times that cost if something develops and you do not deal with it right away.